Italy Quarries

GMP owns some of the most famous quarries of Apuan marble, in particular the precious Caldia®.
It is a pure and delicate material used by the famous architects.  The unique beauty of the veining can be seen in the slabs fading from light green to gold and grey, with a warm background, making this marble suitable for both luxury interior and exterior finishes and for works of modern design.
Fantiscritti Quarry
It is located in the heart of the marble basin Fantiscritti, the most famous and productive quarry of the Apuan Alps. Today the quarry extracts from an area of about one hundred and thirty thousand square [..]
Caldia® Quarry
The Rocchetta quarry located in the province of Massa is producing a very unusual crystalline white marble , the Calacatta Caldia® and the Statuario Caldia®. Utilizing the highest level of safety, [..]